The Simple Ways to Slim Your Waist (Part 3)

4. Eat slowly and before you feel full stop eating

Have you ever noticed that naturally thin people stop eating when they recognize that little signal that says that they had enough to eat. They rarely eat larger portions or go back for seconds, don’t stuff themselves with excess amounts of food and they have a natural awareness of their bodies more often than not.

Did you know to realize your stomach is full your brain can take up to 20 minutes.  Because of this, become aware of your hunger signals and before you eat too much make sure to stop eating.

Start paying close attention to how your body feels and applying this habit in your own life as you eat.  Stop eating when your body starts communicating that now it is satisfied.

Instead of scarfing down a full meal it helps if you eat slowly in 5 minutes.  As you savor the food, it’s much more enjoyable, too.

5. Stop feeling the guilt

It feel how freeing to adopt this habit yourself. Notice how much better it feels and give it a try to not have to carry all the time on your shoulders such a heavy burden of guilt.

Don’t try to change overnight all of your habits.  Until you have completely changed the way you live and eat, you should commit to start working one at a time on them.  Then you’ll hear yourself saying one day, that you used to struggle with your weight, but not anymore. 

Habits like these will help keep you balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  Compare that to a person who constantly feels like they are engaged in a battle against it and hates their body.  Compare that to a person who won’t allow themselves to enjoy it although they loves food. Compare that to a person who must follow a strict diet to keep themselves under control and believes they can’t be trusted to eat sensibly. 

The Simple Ways to Slim Your Waist (Part 2)

3. Stop drinking your calories

Sugary sodas, energy drinks, lattes, or other beverages can contain a lot of calories will poison you and they don’t make you full. Choose to take low or no calorie beverages will help you lose weight naturally.

4. Eat snack

Chocolate. Cake. Or potato chips. It’s okay to sometimes eat “bad” snacks which is your favorite in normal sized portions. When you deprive yourself of the foods you love this tends to prevent the overindulging that occurs. Naturally slim people know about that so they allow themselves a few indulgences.

5. Drink enough water

When it comes to weightloss, water is the best choice because it has zero calories. Water helps keep you energized, keeps you hydrated and also helps flush toxins out of your body. even You will be tired even if being slightly dehydrated, according to the Mayo Clinic.  You won’t be as active when you’re tired. Surprisingly, when the body is actually thirsty, many people reach for food.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 2.7 liters (11 cups) per day for women and 3.7 liters (15 cups) of water per day for men. But this doesn’t mean that you should be drinking that much water.  You can get water from other liquids you drink (such as juice or milk) or the foods you eat (fruits and vegetables,for example). Foods you eat accounts 19% of your water intake. But you should drink at least 8 x 8 ounces of water per day and if it’s a hot day or if you are particularly active, try to drink more.

6. Before you leave your house, take a piece of fruit

Before heading out of the house, be sure to grab an apple or banana with you. You’ll have something to hold you over til you get home if you have a piece of fruit with you. This could lead drive-through straight to you. It helps when you may not have access to healthy snacks and you get hungry at the time you’re out and about.

The Simple Ways to Slim Your Waist (Part 1)

If you are looking for ways to slim your waist naturally? You don’t want to follow some ridiculous diet or take diet pills for losing weight. You want to learn is the little tricks that make losing weight easy. The key to losing weight and naturally slim keep it off how people who get that way and stay that way are. If you are giving up the foods you love and following a complicated diet to lose weight, you’re likely to give up and continue your regular habits because they’re easier. These are seven simple ways to get slim naturally.

1. Have full breakfast.

Many people tend to skip breakfast and think that they’re saving themselves some calories. This didn’t work because when you become too hungry you end up overeating at other times of the day.

78% of their members who have lost weight and kept it off have breakfast every day, according to The National Weight Control Registry. While you were sleeping, your body has gone without food for a long time. It needs energy to get started and have a full breakfast is what you need.

If you eat one big meal a day your body can’t absorb all the nutrients.  Eat several smaller, more frequent meals makes sense all around for breaking up your calorie intake. you’ll find it easier to lose weight and stoke the fires of your metabolism. You should eat five small meals each day, starting with breakfast. You should use FitWatch Calories Per Meal Calculator to break down your total daily calories into several meals and snacks.

2. Watch how much you eat.

Eating large proportion can negatively affect your weight loss plan. People who stay naturally slim eat smaller portions. Instead of losing weight you’ll gain it when you don’t notice at your portion sizes.

How to reduce belly fat quickly

Abdominal fat or belly fat is an obsession for most women and even for men. You can follow these tips belows to reduce belly fat quickly and have an attractive, healthy slim waist.

1. Eat protein-rich foods

Protein is a essential nutrient which can help you control your weight effectively

High protein intake reduces appetite and creates a feeling of fullness. Protein also speeds up your metabolism and helps you maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

Protein-rich foods include: meat, fish, eggs, milk, almonds, broccoli, beef, tuna, or beans.

2. Eat lots of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber can help you lose weight by increasing feelings of fullness, reducing appetite and absorbing calories. Eating plenty of high-fiber foods in your weight loss diet will reduce fat very well.

3. Avoid foods that contain animal fats

Foods containing animal fats such as pigs, chickens, etc. when eaten regularly will increase your weight and excess fat accumulation energy. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, limiting animal fat is a good choice.

4. Do not eat a lot of sugary foods

Excess sugar consumption is a major cause of weight gain in many people. Limit confectionery, milk, sweets and processed foods high in sugar. Refined sugars can lead to increased belly fat. Even healthy sugars, like real honey, should be used sparingly.

8. Reduce carbs, especially refined carbs

Reducing your carb intake can be very beneficial for fat loss, including belly fat.

Diets less than 50 grams of carbs per day will lose belly fat in overweight people, people at risk of type 2 diabetes and women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

In the famous Framingham Heart Study, people with the highest intake of whole grains reduced 17% of excess belly fat compared to those who ate a diet high in refined grains.

The secret to a healthy slim body

The following habits make your body beautiful by eating science and exercising regularly.

Have breakfast

Up to 96% of people with slender bodies participating in the study said they kept their breakfast routine daily. People who eat breakfast well tend to consume fewer calories and fat for other meals during the day. Therefore, they can easily control and maintain weight.

Do exercise

42% of participants said they perform exercise one or more times a week. Exercise is good for the brain and organs, including stress relief, depression, diabetes and many other illnesses. Moreover, exercise helps with weight loss, limiting excessive cravings to maintain a healthy diet.

Track weight indicator

Many people are often afraid to step on the scale and skip the study and tracking of body weight indicators. This can cause you to not control the amount of food you should eat every day. Meanwhile, 50% of slim bodies say they need to weigh, review and set their health goals at least once a week.

Seft cook

According to the study, 44% said the strategy to keep fit, slender and healthy is to plan to go shopping, processing, and cooking at home instead of eating out. This can take time, but this is a healthy investment, worthy of your health. Moreover, home cooking is able to help cut calories and reduce spending.

Listen to the body

Surprisingly, people with slim bodies often don’t put themselves in a harsh diet. They also don’t eat because of emotions like eating because of boredom, eating to reduce stress. Instead, they think and are conscious of what the body really needs.

Drink green tea

Green tea powder (matcha) is made from the best and best quality tea leaves. Bring dried tea leaves and grind into fine powder. Tea powder is mixed in hot water. Matcha tea is used in tea ceremony rituals. Green tea not only brings delicious taste but also good for health. In the composition of green tea rich in antioxidants that work against free radicals, slow down the aging process, even help with weight loss.

Morning tips for maintaining fitness

Few people know that the culprit of everyday worries and stresses is the activities you do in the early morning. Here are top tips for a great morning.

  1. Sleep 7-8 hours/ day
    Without sleeping for 7-8 hours a day, you will fall into insecure state, too sensitive and easy to give up. Sleep “loaded” for you mentally and emotionally to start a new day full of energy. Getting enough sleep helps you to be confident in yourself and easily accomplish the goals of life.
  2. Make time for yourself
    If you are stressed and rushed every morning, change your own schedule.
    Take control of your morning by making a quick list of your ideal mornings and figuring out how long you need to do each one. According to statistics, an ideal morning with what you need to do will last more than 2 hours.
    For example, if you start working at 8 o’clock, get up at the latest at 5:30. Otherwise, you will always be stressed, rushed and start a bad day.
  3. Take charge of your morning
    Learn how successful people design and organize for an ideal morning. You can look for common patterns when reading about different celebrities and actively create your own schedule.
  4. Have full breakfast
    American nutritionists say the food we consume also helps boost our energy and stimulate the mood every morning.
    However, the biggest challenge today is that most children do not eat the right foods at breakfast to have a healthy day. Creamy cereals and waffles contain too much sugar without the necessary nutrients for brain function and body movement.
    Adults should also have enough energy for breakfast. Therefore, consider eating breakfast full of nutrients to ensure activity throughout the day.
  5. Choose happy moments
    Pay attention to what you need to do every morning, they will affect your mood until the end of the day.
    By the age of 20, you may think your role is enormous and persistent with many social issues. Every morning you have a habit of listening to the radio, a program that discusses social issues or issues that interest you, you may feel frustrated, or you may have mixed feelings when listening to discussions and want to voice your point, you’re excited and that feeling will affect you throughout the day.
    Each passing day makes sense. And the opportunity to have every great morning is always in your hands.


Aerobic is a fitness exercise that is increasingly favored by many women because of the practical benefits it brings. Aerobic is a sport that requires adherence to the basic principles when exercising, improper practice sometimes brings unpredictable consequences. Therefore, the following errors should be avoided immediately to prevent bad effects on the body.


If there is no specific plan, do not start aerobic exercise. If there is no specific plan, you will fall into a wandering situation to find the next exercise. This will cause you to waste time and reduce the intensity of your exercise, leading to a reduction in the effectiveness of the exercise.


Warm up is an essential preparation stage in the aerobic exercise because this is the transitional period of the body from the standing state to get used to the intensity of exercises. Warm up helps your heart rate increase gradually, increasing oxygen to the body and increasing blood flow to the muscles, preventing injury to the practitioner.


Aerobic exercise in wrong posture is not only ineffective but can also hurt the body. The following are two common posture errors:

– Bend back: When trying to bend body, always remember to keep your back straight and only slightly bend to protect your back from injury. To make it easier, you can bend or raise your pillow until you can keep your back straight.

Stretching the knee: When practicing squatting movements or rushing forward, it is necessary to keep the knee behind the toe because pushing the knee forward will put pressure on the joints and can cause injury.


When exercising, especially for muscle hunting exercises, the body needs energy to practice weight lifting. This energy comes from food, especially the food you eat before the training session. Some foods low in carbohydrates such as rice, bread, fruits … are good choices before you practice.

The outstanding benefits of Kickfit (Part 3)

Kickfit is a unique combination between two Kickboxing and Fitness with the desire to bring into the gym a lively atmosphere and high resistance to increase excitement for trainees. Kickfit has now become a very popular option in the gym, suitable for both men and women of all ages who can both practice for beautiful body and experience one of the most attractive sports on the planet.

Kickfit create excitement, reduce  boredom

Many people are afraid to go to the gym because they hate noisy and crowded place with full of strangers. They feel depressed with senseless exercise machines, tedious repetitive exercises.

But with Kickfit, the system of movements always requires interaction, will help the exercises are exciting. Get to know each other as well as create more fun and interesting relationships.

The coach is also a practice partner, the opponent will turn the practice floor into a battlefield with surprising and interesting training situations. Interactive training will help you feel more excited.

Kickfit suitable for both men and women

Many people believe that this subject is suitable for men because of the strong and fierce boxing, but in fact, a lot of women practice kickfit due to the excitement of this subject.

The image of a gloved, glamorous and healthy girl is always the dream of many people. Feminine softness combined with sharp personality is a critical attraction.

Defend yourself:

Finally, not only is muscle mass, weight loss, body shape but thanks to being formed on the basis of Muay Thai martial arts, kickfit is a great discipline you can choose to equip yourself, avoiding some dangerous situations, especially for girls know to protect ourselves.

If you are feeling your practice method is too safe and boring. So think about switching to Kickfit – the practice promises to bring you the “quality” and novelty experience.

The outstanding benefits make Kickfit become a favorite practice (Part 2)

Kickfit is a martial art that perfectly combines many other arts: boxing, kickboxing and muay Thai. Also because of the combination, kickfit naturally brought in many uses. And also because of its newness and perfection that more and more people love and follow its practice.

Increase flexibility:

Kickfit is an antagonistic martial art, which places high demands on agility, delicate observation, and judgment to avoid enemy attacks and practice counter-attacks. Regular practice will make it easier for you to see a positive transition, a more flexible, fast and active body every day.

Reduce stress and depression:

Kickfit has strong and healthy movements with extremely definitive punches. However, that does not mean that this practice is only for men. Kickfit is suitable for both men and women. Because besides being a fitness enhancer, this is also a therapy to release pressure in life and repel very good depression.

After a tiring, stressful working day, come to Kickfit you will find relaxing, refreshing moments and quickly regain balance.

Pain relief of shoulder and neck pain:

Kickfit is inherently a series of flexible movements. Gently coordinate all parts of the body. Creating smooth muscle joints for the body. Avoid aches, fatigue of the body and especially the shoulder of the neck.

Especially useful for office workers. Due to the characteristics of many office jobs, we have to sit fixed for many hours, causing the neck area and shoulder to be at risk of degeneration and pain. Kickfit will overcome this disease thanks to a series of very flexible punch movements, helping blood circulation well.

Training self-defense reflexes:

Kickfit is essentially a martial art, so training self-defense reflexes is natural. The four limbs will be trained to perform simple attacks to protect themselves. Protect vital body parts and respond quickly in case of attack.

Life is more and more unforeseen risks. And knowing how to protect yourself and those around you is very important and necessary. While protecting yourself and safeguarding people around you can enhance your health.

The outstanding benefits make Kickfit become a favorite practice (Part 1)

Kickfit is a very popular sport in the gyms today. What made the practice attracted a large number of trainees became “fever” and conquered the passionate customers. Let’s go find the answer in this article.
Characteristics of Kickfit
Kickfit is a physical training exercise built on Muay Thai martial arts. Born in 1970, the subject quickly resonates and is popular all over the world. In many countries, with fitness enthusiasts, Kickfit is always the first choice and no signs of cooling down at the fitness gym.
A Kickfit exercise is a combination of boxing and martial arts elements. Practitioners will receive countless benefits from this great combination. Besides, the strong, charismatic movements of the movements help the practitioner feel filled with spirit, excitement and completely forget that he is practicing.
The movements in Kickfit require strength, speed, acumen and challenges, easily create excitement and conquer. Starting with Kickfit you can learn by yourself and perform some simple operations. However, to ensure the right technique and have the best development with this subject, you should start by practicing with PT to have the best guidance.
The benefits of practicing Kickfit
Check out the benefits listed below, you will understand why this subject is loved by customers and is the No. 1 practice at the current fitness gyms:
Muscle increase: When practicing Kickfit, all body muscles will be required to participate in the exercise process, especially the shoulder muscles, biceps and hips, making the body become firm and healthy. short and balanced.
Effective weight loss: This discipline is also considered a useful weight loss method and burns excess fat effectively. With only 45 minutes of training, it will quickly burn from 600 to 700 calories, returning slim and attractive lines to the body.