Bạn nên tập gym hay street workout

Street Workout, also known as street sports, is a combination of many body weight exercises along with different sports. It gives you muscular endurance, strength and endurance. So, what is Street Workout, is it different from doing gym?

This is not merely a practice. It is also a new way of life, a new style for practitioners. The most common is in Russia, then to Eastern European and American countries, especially in urban areas.

Street Workout is often misunderstood to Calisthenics. The difference in these two subjects is that Street Workout takes advantage of everything available on the street. And Calisthenics needs specialized tools to train.

Street workout là gì? Tập street workout ở Việt Nam - Tin Tran

Street Workout is often about freedom, not relying on weight or weight training equipment. Let’s take a look at the following comparisons to get a better understanding of these two subjects.

About weight When exercising, you can easily change the weight from light to heavier depending on your fitness and ability to exercise. For beginners, we can practice from light weight to gradually heavier weight.

Whereas with Street Workout, the weight you exercise is your entire body weight. Therefore you can not change the volume to exercise like the Gym. This will be a bit difficult for beginners and those who are too fat.

For gym workouts, exercises work on individual muscle groups. Therefore, you can choose your favorite exercises to practice. However, for beginners, they often do not exercise regularly and focus on a certain muscle group leads to an imbalance in the body.

Street Workout là gì? Những ưu điểm của Street Workout so với Gym

When practicing Street Workout, you will not have to worry about this because most Street Workout exercises affect many muscle groups at the same time. This is undoubtedly the Street Workout.

Because when practicing this discipline. You will have to exercise many muscle groups at the same time. So you can feel the muscle more evenly and balance will be better.

The gym will certainly not be as agile as Street Workout because the exercises require endurance, more flexibility thus making the body more agile. However, it cannot be said that exercising makes you less agile.