Exercise safe bodybuilding and weightlifting

In weightlifting, whether you practice to stay fit, to pursue a sport, or to compete, can cause injuries. The following guidelines will help you stay safe while exercising.

Find a mentor who can help you practice the right way. Good technique is one of the most important things to avoid injury. A high school coach or sports coach can help.

If a university is located near your area, the fitness coach for the school sports team can provide you with advice or recommend other coaches. The American Strength and Fitness Association can also recommend a qualified coach in your area.

Advice from non-professionals such as parents, friends, coaches or other bodybuilders may be inaccurate. Books can help, but nothing can be better than personal coaches. With the help of your coach, you can set goals for your fitness program.

Your exercise program goals will depend on your age, physical maturity and why you practice. You need to consider the exercises you will use, the intensity, weight at the beginning and when you can increase the weight.

Most people have to wait until they are at least 15 years old before trying the key weights. At the age of 15, our bodies are mature enough for these exercises. Key weights, barbell training, include push ups, weight lifts and bench exercises.

These exercises can cause injury if you lift heavy weights without the correct technique and help of a support person. As you start each weightlifting exercise, lift small weights first and then lift heavier ones. Stretching is also important in our resuscitation.

So do not continue lifting if you feel pain. Stop exercising for a few days, or try less weight. You must ensure that the equipment you use is in good repair. You are not breathing fast or hold your breath as you lift heavy weights. Exhale as you lift.