Gold principles for doing fitness efficiently (Part 1)

Modern women who want to be successful outside of intelligence also need to have a perfect appearance. However, due to the particularity of office work as well as the non-scientific eating habits, the shape of most women will not be as balanced as when they were teenagers. At this time, many of you will focus on fitness, but for the best results, you need to follow the following guidelines when exercising.

A. Things to do

1. Give your own orientation and goals

You have to figure out why you want to lose weight. Make your own plans and schedules to practice your fitness, then note all on the calendar. You will have no reason to argue if you are lazy. The best way is to set for yourself a specific goal then build from the exercise every day and practice persistently to the end. Exercising regularly every day gives you the results you expect.

2. Practice exercise as a habit

Exercise should be a habit like brushing your teeth. It is essential for the body, ensuring overall health and longevity.

3. Focus

Turning off electronic devices can distract you from things like a television, or even a mobile phone while exercising. This is to help you focus on feeling changes in your body, muscle tension and meticulous movement.

4. High intensity exercise but less time

Many people think that the longer the exercise period is, the bigger the effect of weight loss will be. However, your body is more likely to become tired, exhausted and reduce their functions when you exercise for many hours, thereby causing your weight loss failure and health hazard.

5. Concern about your diet

In practice, the efficiency of the practice process causes by not a lot of practice, heavy exercise, but a technique of combining with a reasonable diet to achieve the highest efficiency. Once you’ve decided to practice every day, you must be healthy to maintain the practice. Eat enough 2 meals before and after training, adding enough energy especially in the morning.