Gold principles for doing gymnastics efficiently (Part 2)

B. Things to avoid

1. Workout without plan

If you don’t have a specific plan, then you should not go into the gym. Because if there is no specific plan, you will waste your time looking for the next exercise. This will cause you to reduce the intensity of your exercise, leading to a reduction in the effectiveness of the workout.

2. Not warm up

This is a common mistake of many people. You should know warm up is an essential preparation step in the process of training. Because this is the transition phase of the body to get used to the more intense exercises.

3. Practice wrong posture

Practicing wrong posture can make your body hurt. To avoid this, refer to the guide’s instructions before practicing the movements.

4. Do not keep breathing

Many people who practice often lose their ability to keep their breath due to their focus on movements, especially new movements. You need to know how to hold your breath, which causes your blood to rise, and if you hold your breath for a few minutes, it can make you faint.

5. Skip a stage

When you first practice, people are often excited, want to succeed as quickly as possible and practice with high intensity that makes the body appear to be in pain and even unable to do anything . The advice for you is to start with 3-4 days of gentle training to get used to the new exercises.

6. Do not drink enough water

During exercise, you need drink ½ cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes. Because when the body loses water, it can adversely affect tolerance and concentration.

7. Only do one kind of exercise

When you practice only one kind of exercise for months or years, you are putting long-term pressure on the same muscle, joints on your body. This can lead to injuries in that muscle and joint area or depression.

8. Exercise when hungry

When exercising, the body needs energy. So you should not practice when hungry. Some foods with low carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and fruit are good choices before practicing.

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