Guiding part shoulder gym helps golfers avoid injuries

Shoulder blades are the parts that often suffer injuries in Golf. However, if you know the Gym exercises to support the shoulder muscles, the likelihood of injury will decrease much. Passion leads to overtraining, not moderation will be very easy to cause injury, especially the shoulder injury. So how to limit this? Try a few simple gym exercises below.

When playing golf, especially performing the swing, the technique must be coordinated smoothly. However, it may be due to too much activity, or improper technique when applying too much force to the shoulder blades, causing golfers to feel aches and fatigue.

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Right shoulder pain due to new golf play is due to the new golfers playing setup and making the wrong swing moves. Because of the newcomer, the twisting and turning movements are not as smooth as the grip of the golf club is too tight. The shoulder injury will make you move the movements very difficult, affect your performance, even have to rest to regain your initial fitness.

You should not practice or play with too much intensity, need to play moderate, medium strength should not play continuously.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho gym vai

In particular, a reasonable diet helps increase fitness to regain balance for the body to create a good health to satisfy your passion for golf. Exercising to improve the flexibility of the shoulder blades is also recommended.

Like the shoulder-lift exercise with barbell, but note that this exercise is easy to lock the shoulder joint, beginners should be careful when doing this exercise. This article is not developed shoulder muscle, many people are often confused.

For golfers, fitness is extremely important. Avoiding injury during golf is even more important so as not to affect your performance. Hopefully, with the above shoulder exercise guidelines, you will have strong shoulder muscles