“MEDITATION” – Freshness in the soul

Meditation helps you to achieve a supple body, a youthful beauty and time, it is important for each person to find a living truth, an abundant health and a soul filled with love. “Meditation” can help people:

Avoid stress

Stress is the number one enemy of beauty. There are a lot of things being swirled into the life cycle, always standing in the mind of the issue of “earning  for living” and having no time to relax. It was like a rose when placed in a hot desert. Weather and harsh living environment will make the flower quickly die.

The woman is like the rose, needs to be cared for, watered to be beautiful. Women are now using a powerful weapon to regain the beauty and standard shape for themselves. That is the practice of yoga and meditation.

Meditation helps the mind to have no more rough thoughts and control the direction in life. Meditators are people who are always optimistic in life, because they are confident, mastering their thoughts and actions. By achieving that means they have pushed back the number one enemy of beauty, the stress out of their minds.


In the easiest way, meditation is the time for the body to relax, achieving the empty mind. This rest is deeper than when we sleep. Energy is accumulated. Unlike normal rest, meditation improves people’s reaction time and excel in movement. If you meditate and practice yoga for a while, you will feel for yourself that your body and thoughts will change, there will be no tensions or frowns as before.

If these reasons make you skeptical about the wonderful things that “Meditation” and practice Yoga bring, then come immediately to a Yoga class to experience. Training time will be the most accurate answer for you.

How to practice fitness

Practicing Fitness – this is a concept that is quite familiar to most people who have “passion” for physical training exercises. Fitness is probably a little more inclined to the aesthetic beauty of the body and the harmony of muscles, and can awaken potential possibilities hidden deep in the human body.

However, not everyone knows how to exercise fitness with the intensity of how reasonable to have the best effect for the body, ensuring both physical and mental health.

Fitness exercise goals

Fitness with the main goal is “to have a healthy and balanced body”. Fitness practitioners spend a lot of time on large muscle groups (back, chest …). After having a bodybuilding background, they will look for a six-pack abs and pay more attention to the legs and buttocks. Fitness enthusiasts’ exercise routines often spend half of the cardio training program and the rest is weightlifting. To create toned muscles, they focus on the number of weightlifting sessions with lower weights than other subjects.

Appropriate diet when practicing fitness

To coordinate well in fitness, gaining a good health, solid, supple skeleton, we need to pay attention to a balanced diet, providing enough energy for the body. Determining energy needs is essential for both obese and overweight people.

Depending on the specific characteristics (weight, height, age, work) of each person, you should build a nutritious and reasonable diet. For an ideal weight, you can refer to the simplest formula to take the height in cm minus 100, then get 9/10 of that number.

Select a reputable center to practice fitness

When choosing any fitness center, the “modern” factor is always the first concern of customers. Clean and airy space; fully and modern machinery facilities, neat arrangement. This not only creates a good space for trainees to have more inspiration but also improves efficiency to make the training process easier. Besides the equipment element, the coaching team also plays an important role in improving the quality during the training process. Especially for those who begin to become familiar with fitness centers. Affordable prices are also a selection criterion. /

Controlling anger and reducing hot temper by Yoga

In modern life with dizzying social spans, tensions, fatigue, and discomfort that you face regularly. Is it helpful to control anger with Yoga practice?

Frequent anger can lead to a risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, physical weakness and difficulty sleeping. When you are angry your breath will be misleading, especially those who are hot-tempered or hurt the surrounding by words. After practicing Yoga, you will be able to become much more calm. Because Yoga is the Asana (Posture), it requires attention, patience and endurance to control emotions and how to live effectively.

You may also be angry about the smaller, more trivial things. Anything that disagrees can spark the fire in you. Let go and look. What does all that mean? They don’t belong to you. Immerse yourself in Asanas that require the concentration, patience and endurance of Yoga. Feel the pain on your body and mind. There are dirty materials leaving you. In order to complete an Asana you will feel like you have just been purified. Take breath control with Pranayama technique. When you are angry, your breath is completely wrong, it is too fast, too far away with the smooth, deep pace of this universe. Take a breath into the rigorous process of Pranayama exercises. Then let the right breath enter your subconscious area. And of course, meditate. All those who want to lead a high-level spiritual life meditate. Meditation is letting go. As a moment you can watch anger as an object outside of you

Any form of practice like exercise, especially Yoga, can give you the benefits of psychological stabilization. Yoga will make you more accepting and tolerant and it will also make you control your emotions better.

Practice Yoga every day to let go of the anger and from there you will form yourself a simple lifestyle and good direction between this tragic life!

Gold principles for doing gymnastics efficiently (Part 2)

B. Things to avoid

1. Workout without plan

If you don’t have a specific plan, then you should not go into the gym. Because if there is no specific plan, you will waste your time looking for the next exercise. This will cause you to reduce the intensity of your exercise, leading to a reduction in the effectiveness of the workout.

2. Not warm up

This is a common mistake of many people. You should know warm up is an essential preparation step in the process of training. Because this is the transition phase of the body to get used to the more intense exercises.

3. Practice wrong posture

Practicing wrong posture can make your body hurt. To avoid this, refer to the guide’s instructions before practicing the movements.

4. Do not keep breathing

Many people who practice often lose their ability to keep their breath due to their focus on movements, especially new movements. You need to know how to hold your breath, which causes your blood to rise, and if you hold your breath for a few minutes, it can make you faint.

5. Skip a stage

When you first practice, people are often excited, want to succeed as quickly as possible and practice with high intensity that makes the body appear to be in pain and even unable to do anything . The advice for you is to start with 3-4 days of gentle training to get used to the new exercises.

6. Do not drink enough water

During exercise, you need drink ½ cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes. Because when the body loses water, it can adversely affect tolerance and concentration.

7. Only do one kind of exercise

When you practice only one kind of exercise for months or years, you are putting long-term pressure on the same muscle, joints on your body. This can lead to injuries in that muscle and joint area or depression.

8. Exercise when hungry

When exercising, the body needs energy. So you should not practice when hungry. Some foods with low carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and fruit are good choices before practicing.

Gold principles for doing fitness efficiently (Part 1)

Modern women who want to be successful outside of intelligence also need to have a perfect appearance. However, due to the particularity of office work as well as the non-scientific eating habits, the shape of most women will not be as balanced as when they were teenagers. At this time, many of you will focus on fitness, but for the best results, you need to follow the following guidelines when exercising.

A. Things to do

1. Give your own orientation and goals

You have to figure out why you want to lose weight. Make your own plans and schedules to practice your fitness, then note all on the calendar. You will have no reason to argue if you are lazy. The best way is to set for yourself a specific goal then build from the exercise every day and practice persistently to the end. Exercising regularly every day gives you the results you expect.

2. Practice exercise as a habit

Exercise should be a habit like brushing your teeth. It is essential for the body, ensuring overall health and longevity.

3. Focus

Turning off electronic devices can distract you from things like a television, or even a mobile phone while exercising. This is to help you focus on feeling changes in your body, muscle tension and meticulous movement.

4. High intensity exercise but less time

Many people think that the longer the exercise period is, the bigger the effect of weight loss will be. However, your body is more likely to become tired, exhausted and reduce their functions when you exercise for many hours, thereby causing your weight loss failure and health hazard.

5. Concern about your diet

In practice, the efficiency of the practice process causes by not a lot of practice, heavy exercise, but a technique of combining with a reasonable diet to achieve the highest efficiency. Once you’ve decided to practice every day, you must be healthy to maintain the practice. Eat enough 2 meals before and after training, adding enough energy especially in the morning.

Four things to remember before exercising on the beach

Exercise on the beach can impact your body differently from doing the same thing on pavement, yard or a fitness club. There are some important things you should prepare before you work out on the beach.

1. Your exercise will be more challenging

Unlike a hard floor, such as pavement or a fitness floor, the surface stays underneath you. But sand is an unstable surface which shifts and moves, your can be difficult to move on it. Your body must fire up muscles and tendons for creating stability. Even simple workout like walk in sand requires you to work your stabilizing muscles in your back, hips, and feet. Otherwise, hard sand can be pretty compact and firm, isn’t easier to get used to than soft sand. may feel a lot closer to concrete. But when you work out on any new surfaces, you should still take some precautions.

2. Start slow for making your body to adapt

Beginning slowly is very important for exercise anywhere. If you are usually work out on hard surfaces and then shifts to exercise on soft sand, the injury can occur because the stabilizing muscles are not strong enough to support the movements. If you want to avoid injury you should adjust different muscles which works harder than they normally do. So, you should start with low speed and low resistance, and gradually increase when you do fine and feel good.

3. Get rid of sharp objects

Before you get started you should check the workout place to get rid of all sharp objects hidden in the sand. Be careful not to step on sharp shells or broken glasses which can cut your foot. Also, if you slide on the sand, you can get burn but it is better than falling on pavement.

4. Avoid slant

There are slanted area between the drier sand and the wet sand closer to the water. There are a lot of beaches with slanted ground which give difficult conditions for running. You should find a flat area with soft sand or a shorter area where slant can be controlled. The hard, flat sand close to the ocean is a fantastic place for a long run.

If you exercise on sand, go slow, take in your surroundings, and adjust your body, instead of trying to push your muscles for a hard workout. Enjoy  your time on the beach with a decent view and avoid intense soreness or rolled ankles.