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Lazar Angelov – Top 5 gymer with the most beautiful body in the world

Famous in the world of bodybuilders, Lazar Angelov used to be a basketball player at a young age and played at a very high intensity. Before being famous in the bodybuilding world, Lazar Angelov was famous for playing professional basketball.

Lazar Angelov has many characteristics that girls love, one of which is the determination to put in a lot of effort in fitness training. According to Lazar Angelov before that he did not eat according to a certain rule, sometimes he fainted due to working too tired.

If asked about his motivation to practice fitness and have a good body, Lazar Angelov said that those are the people who supported him. They are the driving force for him to succeed, based on the goals set before.

It must be said that his training goal is to achieve perfection all over the world. Many invitations, coaching projects require him to spend time and effort. But due to his schedule and strict schedule, he is unable to participate. Even though I really want to join for everyone or for some reason.

Lazar Angelov always practiced with a heavy and standard diet, so he achieved very high results as now. Did you know, if you are an athlete, your body is naturally the same as Ectomorph.

So they will train with more weight to maintain good muscle growth and density. Lazar Angelov too, works out one muscle group per day, about 6 times a week. Lazar Angelov rest only when really need to rest, most exercises are changed, only basic exercises such as weightlifting, lifting weights.

Talking more about cardio exercises, Lazar Angelov said, he likes sprinting exercises in the park, even when it’s cold. He usually breaks down into several runs during a training session and tries to run faster the next day.

Lazar Angelov does not do cardio for long because it loses muscle mass and avoids exercises with such a lot of hand movement. In short, Lazar Angelov did not do cardio for more than 20 minutes.