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Should you do better exercise in the morning or the afternoon

Should gym in the morning or the afternoon? is a question many people wonder. Even experts in this field also say that morning exercise has more advantages than evening. However, there are experts who think that the opposite is true. So which opinion is correct?

Consistency here means you can easily schedule a fixed routine in the morning instead of in the evening. In the morning, getting up early to practice is also less likely to be entangled in housework. As for the afternoon after a day of work, study… The tired can also make you skip the practice at night. Not to mention the dating, parties, drinking… That also happens in the evening, so you may miss the training that night.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập gym buổi sáng

Fitness centers have the largest training flow at around 17h-20h, which makes the machines can be overloaded, leading to a longer wait while practicing. While at 5-8am is a time when people practice less, do not overload the room, you can easily do the exercise you like.

This may make you feel weird, but there are actually many people who do this. That is, they wear a gym suit, exercise first, wake up, they are ready to go out and train immediately. For a good workout in the morning, prepare some breakfast to keep up the intensity.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập gym buổi sáng

Practicing in the morning makes it easy to incorporate a balanced breakfast into your schedule, giving you a healthy eating day. According to research by scientists, it is better to exercise or exercise in the morning than to exercise in the evening.

If you are a male who wants to work out to build muscle with intense exercises, you can work out in the evening. Because after a day of work, muscle groups get used to the intensity of the movement. They are no longer as cold as the morning. When doing heavy weight exercises, you can practice easier and avoid injuries.