The outstanding benefits make Kickfit become a favorite practice (Part 2)

Kickfit is a martial art that perfectly combines many other arts: boxing, kickboxing and muay Thai. Also because of the combination, kickfit naturally brought in many uses. And also because of its newness and perfection that more and more people love and follow its practice.

Increase flexibility:

Kickfit is an antagonistic martial art, which places high demands on agility, delicate observation, and judgment to avoid enemy attacks and practice counter-attacks. Regular practice will make it easier for you to see a positive transition, a more flexible, fast and active body every day.

Reduce stress and depression:

Kickfit has strong and healthy movements with extremely definitive punches. However, that does not mean that this practice is only for men. Kickfit is suitable for both men and women. Because besides being a fitness enhancer, this is also a therapy to release pressure in life and repel very good depression.

After a tiring, stressful working day, come to Kickfit you will find relaxing, refreshing moments and quickly regain balance.

Pain relief of shoulder and neck pain:

Kickfit is inherently a series of flexible movements. Gently coordinate all parts of the body. Creating smooth muscle joints for the body. Avoid aches, fatigue of the body and especially the shoulder of the neck.

Especially useful for office workers. Due to the characteristics of many office jobs, we have to sit fixed for many hours, causing the neck area and shoulder to be at risk of degeneration and pain. Kickfit will overcome this disease thanks to a series of very flexible punch movements, helping blood circulation well.

Training self-defense reflexes:

Kickfit is essentially a martial art, so training self-defense reflexes is natural. The four limbs will be trained to perform simple attacks to protect themselves. Protect vital body parts and respond quickly in case of attack.

Life is more and more unforeseen risks. And knowing how to protect yourself and those around you is very important and necessary. While protecting yourself and safeguarding people around you can enhance your health.