The secret to a healthy slim body

The following habits make your body beautiful by eating science and exercising regularly.

Have breakfast

Up to 96% of people with slender bodies participating in the study said they kept their breakfast routine daily. People who eat breakfast well tend to consume fewer calories and fat for other meals during the day. Therefore, they can easily control and maintain weight.

Do exercise

42% of participants said they perform exercise one or more times a week. Exercise is good for the brain and organs, including stress relief, depression, diabetes and many other illnesses. Moreover, exercise helps with weight loss, limiting excessive cravings to maintain a healthy diet.

Track weight indicator

Many people are often afraid to step on the scale and skip the study and tracking of body weight indicators. This can cause you to not control the amount of food you should eat every day. Meanwhile, 50% of slim bodies say they need to weigh, review and set their health goals at least once a week.

Seft cook

According to the study, 44% said the strategy to keep fit, slender and healthy is to plan to go shopping, processing, and cooking at home instead of eating out. This can take time, but this is a healthy investment, worthy of your health. Moreover, home cooking is able to help cut calories and reduce spending.

Listen to the body

Surprisingly, people with slim bodies often don’t put themselves in a harsh diet. They also don’t eat because of emotions like eating because of boredom, eating to reduce stress. Instead, they think and are conscious of what the body really needs.

Drink green tea

Green tea powder (matcha) is made from the best and best quality tea leaves. Bring dried tea leaves and grind into fine powder. Tea powder is mixed in hot water. Matcha tea is used in tea ceremony rituals. Green tea not only brings delicious taste but also good for health. In the composition of green tea rich in antioxidants that work against free radicals, slow down the aging process, even help with weight loss.