The Simple Ways to Slim Your Waist (Part 3)

4. Eat slowly and before you feel full stop eating

Have you ever noticed that naturally thin people stop eating when they recognize that little signal that says that they had enough to eat. They rarely eat larger portions or go back for seconds, don’t stuff themselves with excess amounts of food and they have a natural awareness of their bodies more often than not.

Did you know to realize your stomach is full your brain can take up to 20 minutes.  Because of this, become aware of your hunger signals and before you eat too much make sure to stop eating.

Start paying close attention to how your body feels and applying this habit in your own life as you eat.  Stop eating when your body starts communicating that now it is satisfied.

Instead of scarfing down a full meal it helps if you eat slowly in 5 minutes.  As you savor the food, it’s much more enjoyable, too.

5. Stop feeling the guilt

It feel how freeing to adopt this habit yourself. Notice how much better it feels and give it a try to not have to carry all the time on your shoulders such a heavy burden of guilt.

Don’t try to change overnight all of your habits.  Until you have completely changed the way you live and eat, you should commit to start working one at a time on them.  Then you’ll hear yourself saying one day, that you used to struggle with your weight, but not anymore. 

Habits like these will help keep you balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  Compare that to a person who constantly feels like they are engaged in a battle against it and hates their body.  Compare that to a person who won’t allow themselves to enjoy it although they loves food. Compare that to a person who must follow a strict diet to keep themselves under control and believes they can’t be trusted to eat sensibly.