The standard forms of fitness in the world

Fitness fitness today is no longer a spontaneous trend but gradually becomes more professional. There are more and more professional Fitness leagues around the world with countless contests for the passionate gymer..

Evaluation of the aesthetic harmony on the body including the upper body muscles such as Shoulder, chest, back, slim waist, broad shoulder. Classic bodybuilding is quite new and has been added to the competition category in the past few years. But that has gradually become an important category.

The dot criteria include upper body, thighs, banana muscle, and not buttocks for men. Similarly for women, there will be a Figure category with the upper body on the back, shoulders, and belly, and the lower.

Being the heaviest category, the shock of muscle mass and the harmony of all muscle groups on the body for both men and women. The standard classification of the test is usually by weight.

This is also the most difficult test category. Requires candidates to have many years of experience in training with a large muscle mass. In addition, the Fitness Coach also monitors the training process. And after the teaching process Fitness coaches will receive feedback from the trainees about the quality of teaching.

Not only that, but also a fitness trainer is an expert in nutrition depending on the object. But fitness coaches will offer different diets in accordance with the training schedule and learning goals tablets. A proper nutrition is a diet that provides enough energy to exercise and towards a healthy diet.

Nowadays, there are many training centers to learn fitness coaches, when taking the course depending on the time from 1-2 weeks to month. You will take part in exam to confirm your knowledge and get a certificate of qualification.

Each center will have a strength in intensive training as well as different knowledge. You need to learn clearly the learning content and purpose to choose the right course.